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What hardware do I need in order to use Carista?



  • shakeybob1954

    I have had micro mechanic for a year-and-a-half and everything was working until this morning what seems to be the problem

  • Todor Kalaydjiev

    There was a change in v4.0.3 of Carista (released last Friday) that triggered a bug/problem in the Micro Mechanic adapter. The adapter itself doesn't properly support the ELM327 standard and that's why it runs into that issue. That said, we've implemented a workaround and released a fix, so if you're on Android, you can just update to the latest version of Carista (v4.0.4) and the problem will be fixed. We've fixed it on iOS as well, but our iOS releases always get delayed a few days by Apple's approval process. Sorry about the inconvenience, but again, the underlying problem is actually with the adapter, not with Carista. We've just exposed it with our latest change (and then hidden it again in v4.0.4).


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